gallery > 2012 BFA Senior Thesis: Out of Many, Down to one

TC-1 woven cotton
27" x 48"

Responsible for his poor handling of the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, his response to Hurricane Katrina, to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse, NSA warrantless surveillance, the economic crisis, and Guantanamo Bay detention camp controversies.
Bush is the second most disliked President, Next to Nixon.

It’s been rumored through the grapevine that Bush received a tattoo in his early years in the National Guard on his right buttocks, saying “I love mary jane” with a pot leaf.

Here I use the tattoo as a way of opening the door to a conversation about his presidency. the seriousness of his position as president in contrast with the mary jane tattoo reveals an oxymoron. The ornament of his tattoo signifies how he relishes in privileged self indulgence and ignorance.