gallery > 2012 BFA Senior Thesis: Out of Many, Down to one

This collection is a personal archive satirizing the patriarchal elite and the divide between two political parties, both clinging to their values. I use comedic elements in my work to respond to the heightened political conflict in order to subvert society’s structure within my own weave structure. The juxtaposition of serious power figures in sexualized poses with tattoos creates a dialogue between gendered space like the government, the “woman’s” work of weaving, and the stigma of feminism.

The country’s motto, Out of Many, One, is a utopian ideal intended to promote equality in a rebirth from an old monarchial Europe. However, a country divided by a growing wealth gap between both rich and poor, and male and female, does not incorporate this change from the past. A new democratic awakening on the horizon, Occupy Wall Street, confronts the divisive wedges of corruption, greed, and high unemployment. As the underground uprising of Occupy Wall Street continues, I assert my footing and power within the structure through weaving by taking the shame out of the vagina and drawing attention to imbalance of the sexes.