gallery > 2012 BFA Senior Thesis: Out of Many, Down to one

Flesh, Petal Pink, Oleander, Lipstick
Flesh, Petal Pink, Oleander, Lipstick
Woven cotton, acrylics, wool, and silk
5 x 9 feet

This 8ft tall, 4ft wide vagina is a means of expression to give women standing, a voice, to elevate them from silence.
Art is placed above craft in a hierarchy of value, and those who are typically white male declare it. The politics of the art world are just as challenging as those in the government, hence the straightforward entry into constructing such works of the textile medium, challenge not only the power structures, but do so from a medium that is already deemed as the inferior.
I wove this piece to declare my femininity, to take the shame out of the vagina, to present current political issues for women’s rights.